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    Ortansia (also known by the stage name Ortansia Oje) is a composer and singer. She was encouraged in her composing and songwriting career by the eminent composer Boris Tishchenko (a student of Shostakovich) and has released two albums to date that have been positively acclaimed for their lyricism, melodies and orchestra. She has worked with the highly talented producer and conductor, Alim Shakh, principal conductor at the St. Petersburg State Rimsky-Korsakov Conservatory's Opera and Ballet Theater and the Novosibirsk Philharmonic Orchestra, and the acclaimed composer Anton Tanonov, former head of the composition department at the Conservatory.


    Ortansia's first public performance as a soloist was singing in front of Her Royal Highness Queen Elizabeth II at a concert in London as a teenager. She received a letter of thanks from Her Majesty.


    As regards her compositions, Ortansia has had success in international songwriting competitions, including the UK songwriting competition, and was a Finalist in the VH1 Song of the Year competition in Texas (for her jazz song, Cafe Window).


    Ortansia's songs have been included on several internet commercials in Japan, as well as on the soundtrack of a promotional video shown at an exposition on robots and artificial intelligence at the'Big Sight' venue in Tokyo. Her songs were also played as background music at an art exhibition in Harajuku, Tokyo. She was invited as special guest on two fm. radio shows in Japan, and her songs have received airplay on many radio and internet radio programmes worldwide. Her songs have also been repeatedly played on in-house radio in shops and supermarkets in the US and Japan (including Walmart's and Tackle Berry).


    Ortansia has recently started a 15-minute podcast in Japanese, titled 'Natachka Night', in which she plays and chats about her music and things dear to her: https://podcasts.apple.com/jp/podcast/natachka-night-%E3%83%8A%E3%82%BF%E3%83%BC%E3%83%81%E3%82%AB%E3%83%8A%E3%82%A4%E3%83%88/id1523852008. 

    She also has a 10-minute podcast in English, titled 'To A Red Rose':


    The 'To A Red Rose' podcast is ranked amongst the top 200 podcasts on Otonal's Podcast Ranking site:

    To A Red Rose - オルタンシア | ポッドキャストランキング (podcastranking.jp)


    Ortansia has been recognized by Marquis Who's Who for Excellence in music and academic study.


    She obtained a doctorate from the University of Oxford.


    Click here to listen to some of her songs on SoundCloud:








  • Ortansia's Podcasts

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    To A Red Rose

    Podcast in English


    Apple Podcasts

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    Natachka Night

    Podcast in Japanese

  • Radio Plays


    UK: Phoenix 98 fm
    Greece:  Melody 88
    Energy 94.2
    Palmos 102.7
    Lepanto FM 101.4
    Life Radio 91.6
    Radio DeeJay 93.4
    OK Radio 94.5
    Capital FM 107
    Kosmos FM 100
    Star FM 88.8
    X-Radio 91.3
    My Radio 89.6
    Radio DeeJay 95.7
    Astra FM 93.2
    Max FM 100.2
    Proto FM 99
    Fly FM 89.7
    Ήχος FM 94.2
    Life Radio 91.6
    Sfera 98.9,
    Diva FM 106.1
    NRG 98.5
    Ρυθμός 103.8
    Radio DeeJay 94.6
    Ράδιο Κασσάνδρα 98.4


    Norway: Gylne Hits Radio
    Sweden: The Beat

    East Europe

    Russia: Radio Lite 102.2FM

    Latin America

    Brazil: Duca FM
    Ouro Verde 105.9FM
    Post Rage FM
    Radio Estilo de Jogo
    Radio Fe e Luz
    Radio Noiva Aliança FM 87.9
    Bolivia: Maga FM
    Argentina: Leticia FM


    Hits You Love Radio (Chicago)


    St. Lucia: Unity FM 905
  • upbringing

    When asked of her success, Ortansia credits the influence of her father, who taught her to always think beyond the concepts taught at school and to strive for success with ambition.

    Sense of Achievement

    When reflecting on her childhood, she says of her father: 'He treated me equal to his intelligence. That is how I began to think and feel with my own mind and heart, and that has continued to this very day - and it has made me achieve the things I dreamed about.'

    Passion for music

    Another part of Ortansia's upbringing has centered on the importance of music in life . 'I was told, "become a professional to serve others , and after acquiring and mastering knowledge, pursue your own interest and develop your given talent, "' she says, adding that this attitude led her to develop a passion for music.

    The Future

    As she looks to the future, Ortansia doesn't have any intention of slowing down. In the years to come, she hopes to encounter new opportunities that will allow her to showcase her expertise and talents while adding value to significant projects.

  • Christmas Concert in Tokyo

    Ortansia with conductor and pianist Alim Shakh

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    Interviews on FM Radio

    Japanese FM Radio

    Ortansia was invited as sole guest on a one-hour interview programme on an FM radio station in Chiba, Japan in 2017 in which she spoke of her experiences as a singer and composer, as well as her early life and influences on her singing and composing career. She was also sole guest on a 40-minute FM radio station in Ichihara, Chiba, Japan in December 2020.

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    Songs Played on the Radio

    FM Radio and Internet radio 

    Ortansia's songs have received a substantial number of plays on both FM and internet radio internationally, including radio stations in Japan, the US, UK, Australia, Germany, Brazil, Norway, Panama, New Zealand, Belgium and Holland.

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    Music Video Shown on TV

    Brazilian TV channel

    Ortansia's music video of her song 'Boat of Love' was broadcast on Brazilian radio and TV network's Radio Estilo de Jogo's TV arm, broadcasting out of Sao Paulo.



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    ’Doors to Fantasy' Documentary Film

    Academy Award Nominated Short Film Animator Yamamura Koji with Ortansia.

    Ortansia features in the 2022 documentary film 'Doors to Fantasy' , a 55-minute film directed by Noel Williams & Anastasia Marika Williams. In the documentary, Ortansia interviews the Academy Award nominated Japanese animator Yamamura Koji. The film also features some of Ortansia's recent musical compositions.

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    2020 LATIN GRAMMY AWARD Winner

    Antonio Rey

    Congratulations to the guitarist for winning the 2020 Latin GRAMMY AWARD. 

    Antonio Rey plays the guitar on Ortansia's track 'Closer, Still Closer'




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    Recording Session

    with Alim Shakh and Anton Schwarz

    Photo taken at a St. Petersburg recording studio near the Hermitage museum during the recording of Ortansia's first cd, Silent Heart. The two gentlemen are Alim Shakh, conductor and music producer (left) and Anton Schwarz, recording engineer (right).

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    Singing Lesson

    with Professor Tamara

    Ortansia having a singing lesson with world-renowned Professor Tamara, soprano singer, meritorious artist and Professor of singing at the Rimsky-Korsakov St. Petersburg State Conservatory.

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    Enjoying a Break from Recording 

    with Anton Tanonov

    Ortansia enjoying a break from recording with Professor Anton Tanonov, former head of the composition department at the Rimsky-Korsakov St. Petersburg State Conservatory. Anton Tanonov was the sound engineer on Ortansia's second cd, A Secret, recorded in St. Petersburg.

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    Enjoying a breather 

    Outside the Comedy Theatre

    Conductor Alim Shakh (right), ballet dancer Dimitri Ustuzhanin (centre) and Professor Noel Williams (left) enjoying a breather outside the Comedy Theatre in St. Petersburg.



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    Listen to some of Ortansia's songs here.

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    Ortansia Oje

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    Ortansia's PR company




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    Ortansia's official music videos on Channel Malinkaya (Official channel)




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    Ortansia's songs